Scaling drawing

I’ve created 8 drawings in Sketchup such as floor plans, elevations & I made a template in Layout. How can I scale my drawings to 1/4"-1’ or any other scale?Yesterday I made a rectangle in Layout close to the size of my floor plans. & another problem is I’m not able to type my measurements in Layout.?If someone knows the answers to my issues I’d really appreciate it!!?

In SketchUp you make scenes for each view of your model. For elevations and plan views, set the camera to Parallel Projection. Then, insert the Sketchup file into LayOut and set the viewport for the first scene you want to show. Copy the viewport as needed and change the scene in the SketchUp Model window which you should find in the tray on the right side of the Layout window.

While a viewport is selected, you can choose its scale in the SketchUp Model window.

As for dimensions, you should need to type in the dimensions. You should be able to dimension to the model in the viewport.

Thanks Dave!

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