Scale printing

Hi all.

I need to be able to print plans from sketchup to a desired scale that can then be measured off manually.
ie. 1:50 landscape plans.

I just can’t work out how to do it.


Sketchup itself isn’t the right tool for that, ideally you would send your model to Layout and set the scale there.

Yeah been trying to do that but just can’t work it out no matter what videos I watch. lol. Just having a mental block on it. It should be somewhat easy right?

Basically, create a scene in sketchup, camera set to standard View Top and Parallel Projection.
Save the files, use File send to layout, or open layout and use Insert.
This should give you a viewport in layout of the scene, set the scale (of the attached Sketchup model, in the appropriate tray) and adjust the viewport to suit.


Thanks much for your help.

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