Saving a Sketchup floor plan to a 1.100mm scale to export

Hi There,
I’ve imported a floor plan from sketchup free to my new Sketup Pro 2022, using Windows.
I have managed to print it in tiles to scale but I would like to email it to someone in a scale of 1:100 but I can’t seem to do it. I’d love some help please.

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It’s not obvious what you mean. If you mean the SU file then scale is irrelevant as you draw at notional real world dimensions.

More likely, you mean you want to send someone an image of a drawing at appropriate scale. For that, you need to know page size. As you have Pro, you can use Layout to create an A4/A3/whatever page and create a viewport at 1:100 on it. Then you can export on PDF format from that.