Converting a drawing done in feet and inches to 1/4 scale


I have created a drawing and need to convert it to scale so that I can save it and have it printed to use a plan but don’t know how to do this.


I want to convert it to where 1/4" = 1 foot.


I assume that you are not using the Pro version.

Models designed using SketchUp should be created at full scale (actual size). If you are using the Pro version of SketchUp, converting your model to any specific scale is simple when you export the model to Layout. If you are using Make, you can save (print) to a pdf file and this output can be developed at a specific scale although this will require adjustment based on the size of the original output. Part ot the necessary adjustment will involve representing your 3d model in various orthographic views, such as plans, elevations, sections, etc.

If you post the model, it is more likely that someone will be able to offer more detailed instruction on how to scale the output.


Presumably “have it printed” infers you need to create a file you can convey to a printing service.
Printing to PDF would be a good choice.

Here’s help with SketchUp’s somewhat recalcitrant native print feature.
Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage Tutorials


actually sir I am not using Pro. (using Sketchup 8).



@getthiggy, @chefalanthigpen

I anticipate that both of these posters are the same person. The plan image posted has no dimensional reference, so it is not possible to determine a scale relationship accurately. One can make some assumptions about size and ratio if a known dimension (door opening width, for example) is established, but that may not be the case. This becomes a simple exercise in arithmetic if the plan/model is created at full size.

It is always productive to submit the actual skp file if possible. Then anyone who reads the post can inspect the uploaded model and offer constructive advice.


Thank you for the help. I’m so uneducated on this that I’m not even really sure that this is the way to properly post the skp file, I hope it is.

1609 Friendly Ave 1.~.skp (103.3 KB)


1/4" = 1’ - 0" Here you go…

Created with SketchUp’s native print to scale feature and Acrobat Standard

1609 Friendly Ave 1.~.pdf (36.7 KB)


Thank you VERY much sir! I would have never figured out how to convert that myself!
If I may ask another question of you. What do I tell the guys at Kinkos when I go to get it printed?
Print at 100% of the pdf? I tried getting what I had (previous to this very generous act of conversion) printed and honestly they were at a loss. Any ideas? I really apreciate the time you took to do this and want to be able to use it to it’s full potential!
Thanks again!


I see a notation at the bottom left of the pdf that says 36.00 x 24 in. Is this the size paper they should print the pdf to so that it comes out correctly to scale?
Thank you!


I would imagine Kinkos or most any ‘printing service’ has the capability to print a PDF file.
Tell them you have a large format PDF you want printed with no ‘scaling’.
That is, the printer has a page scaling setting. They need to set the printer page scaling to [none]
They should know what to do, but it might be wise to take your ruler along just to be sure.

Yes. It’s an Arch-D Size 24 × 36
Unfortunately, it was slightly too long to fit on an Arch-C 18 x 24


Awesome! Thank you!!

Alan Thigpen.