Please help, im really struggling to scale

HI all,

I’m sure you get this a lot but I am nearly out of hair after pulling it out trying to print to scale,

I have followed every instruction I have found and checked every way that I have found on the internet but I just cant.

What happens with me is (i’m in mm… UK) I un-ckeck the box and change the scale to 2cm on printout and 1m on Sketchup (this is 1:50 scale)

I then print and its out, not by much but over about a 6m span I lose about 650mm

So I tried changing the paper size settings… (I have no idea who put in the paper size settings to the software but they are not correct, in fact they are no where near)… and still the printout is just out

Its infuriating, I hope someone can help as so far I’ve lost about half a day to this.

many thanks


Hi, Sorry does that mean I need to take the questions down?


Are you printing directly to paper, or printing to PDF first? If you are printing a PDF to paper with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Viewer, their default setting for Page scaling is “Fit to paper” that will reduce the printout about 10% and add additional margins round it even when the PDF and printer have the same paper size. Page scaling should be set to None.


Hi Anssi,

Thanks and yes I’m printing to PDF, but im not using fit to paper, im trying to add the paper size,

I have also tried in A4, A3, A2 and A1?



OK I give up, you simply can’t save a scaled PDF on sketchup.

The only time I’ve managed to get a scaled drawing is to directly print, so I’m halfway there.

But why does it print in the middle of about 4 pages???

Is it not possible to get the program to print the drawing just in one sheet… at scale?


I don’t suppose you could share the SKP file? There’s too much missing information to be able to answer your question exactly.

I almost never print from SU, but can’t you simply export the 2d Graphic as a PDF then print that!?

But export to 2d and then print is not to scale, I don’t share my SKP files either,

What information do you need?

If I want t print to scale instead of 1 sheet of paper it uses 2 or 4.


Without the file all we can do is guess. Clearly your drawing won’t fit on one page as you have it set up. It must be larger than the space within the print area. What are you planning to do with this once you have it printed? Can you tile the printed sheets?

If you use LayOut, you can set the paper size large enough to allow the whole thing to show on a single sheet.

I don’t really want to tile the pages, Id like to print out in A3a scaled drawing in 1:1 or 1:20 which I know will fir easily on an A3 sheet.(i’m an oak frame designer)

Bu tit wont, it prints right in the corner of 4 sheets.

What file would you need?

Sorry I meant to put “But it”

The SKP file. IF the the thing is sized so it will fit within the printable area of the sheet, it must be possible to set it up to do so and you must be missing something. Seeing the SKP file will make it clear.

1:1 and 1:20 are very different. What size do you want it to be?

Ok thanks, Can I attach it somehow?

Sorry, I meant 1:10 and 1:50

Ideally id like to work with 1:1 on A4 and 1:50 on A3

thanks again

You can attach the SKP file by clicking on the 7th button from the left in the row of buttons above the text window when making a reply. If you really don’t want it out in public, you can send it by private message to me.

Its literally a ground plan from lines so no drama, (don’t worry about it not being square, its an oak frame)

I just want to know I can print scale before I start the project fully

Here you go,

Many thanksO’conor.skp (127.8 KB)


OK. First I sent it to LayOut and set the paper size to A3. Here it is at 1:10. There’s no way your outline is going to fit on one sheet of A3 paper at 1:10.

It will fit just fine at 1:50, though.

It also fits just fine on printing directly from SketchUp at 1:50. Since my printer doesn’t have A3 paper and it knows it, I used OneNote for the “printer”. Note the settings. By the way, I used Zoom Extents to get the image to fill the drawing window as much as possible.

It’ll fit on a single sheet in PDF export from SketchUp, too.

Since it appears you are using this for other than personal use, you should be using Sketchup pro (Make it for personal use only) and then you would have LayOut. Setting the scale for a viewport in LayOut is so much easier and you have much more control than going directly from SketchUp. It would seem to me if your time has any value at all, you’d be well served to buy the license for the pro version, anyway.

Sorry I meant 1:100 on A4

Yes I may get pro but I really should be able to do it but I cant, which is not good I guess.

On the page setup it wont let me put 381 x 279, it just changes automatically to something else whenever i Type 381

It also changes the page size to a completely different setting if I try 1mm = 50mm

I want the drawing to be 10mm in printout = 1000mmm in Sketchup

So do you basically have to pay for the full programme to get this to ever work then?

Hi Dave,

I just managed to print in 1:50 scale another drawing right in the middle of an A4 sheet in perfect scale.

I went to try and transfer it to PDF and it halved the picture again, making it use 2 A4 sheets… I went to print again and it will only print on 2 A4 sheets.

What on earth could be going on with it to force it to print on more than one sheet?


Look, perfectly scaled drawing… right in the middle of the page,

And I cant do it again? Crazy

No. It will work with the free version with the proper setup.

Did you use Zoom Extents to make the model fill the drawing window as much as possible? How wide is the drawing window? Try making it narrower so it more tightly fits the shape.

I had two reasons for suggesting that you use the pro version. First is that you’d have LayOut which is a much better way to create not only the scaled view you want but documents you’d need to show to clients or colleagues.

The other reason is you are using it commercially. You are violating the EULA for Make by doing so.