Print to scale in Sketchup Make

I have a drawing that will fit comfortably on an 8-1/2x11 page. I need to print to full size and can’t find out how to do it. Any help on this would be appreciated…

Start by setting the camera to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view. Also hit Zoom Extents. In the Print setup window you should be able to set the scale so it fits on the page.


Im having real problems printing from my model 2 D plan, elevations to scale of 1:100/ 1:50 in a drawing. It keeps changing the scale to .003 in model to 2.5 etc in drawing. I have removed parallel projects and removed view to fit but I just can’t get the scale correct.

I’m not quite sure what you are describing, Jack. Any chance you can upload your model or share it with me in a private message if you don’t want it public.

I did all that, but the printout is still not to scale. I set the the ratio at 1:1 in the print window, but it’s not doing it. I was able to get pretty close by fooling with the size reported on the print window, but that’s not really what you want. I love Sketchup, and have even managed to animate a drawing, but not having a print-to-scale feature that works is frustrating.

SketchUp can print to scale but it’s possible that your printer is resizing the output slightly. That’s not uncommon.

The best and easiest way to print to scale is to do it via LayOut and export to PDF.

So, you’re saying I can’t do it in Sketchup but need another application called Layout?

No. I didn’t say that at all. I said it’s better and easier to do it with LayOut which is part of the SketchUp Pro package. It can be done directly from SketchUp assuming your printer isn’t making adjustments to the output size to fit within borders.

Why don’t you share the SKP file so I can show you how to set it up or discover why you didn’t get it?

Holder part.skp (84.8 KB)

Here it is. The item is 8" long.

Here’s two different PDFs. I didn’t have any problem with either one.

First exported from SketchUp.
Holder part.pdf (17.1 KB)

And after sending it to LayOut. It was so easy to do that I added a few dimensions just for fun.

Holder part LO.pdf (9.7 KB)

For objects the size of this piece you really should be using either Fractional or Decimal units instead of Architectural and you ought to be working at precision higher than 1/16 in.

Kay. Thanks for your help…

Just a last note, now that I have my to-scale drwg., the real answer to my query was “Export to pdf. and print from that.” I did this from Sketchup before I received your last and got a to-scale printout. Using the print option by itself in SketchUp was what gave me the problems. Again, thanks for your help.

The OP’s question was how to do this in SU Make. There is no export to PDF function in Make. No settings in Make for printing to scale, can’t be done.

That’s absolutely false. Printing to scale can be done with SketchUp Make.

Where is the setting?

In the Print window.

Not there, perhaps you should be more specific or stop commenting.

The short and long of it:
Switch your camera to Parallel Projection
Select one of the standard views (Top, Front,…)
Print (Ctrl-P) Now you can determine your scale.


Perhaps you should get your facts straight before commenting, taz.

See also this video since you don’t believe me.

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Thank you for proving my point that SU Make doesn’t print to scale. I have drawn a 3D model that is 4" wide and 10" tall, I should be able to print this to scale on a single 8.5"x11" sheet. Going into settings and trying to print to scale absolutely doesn’t work as this is a BUG and the video clearly demonstrates that you must do a workaround to print to scale.

  1. Set parallel projection
  2. Set view
  3. Zoom in
    I tried all of this and the print was 3 pages. I had to zoom in so much that I wasn’t seeing my entire model on the screen, only then was a I able to get a 1-page print to scale. Yes there is a workaround, but the bottom line is that Make doesn’t have the scale printing functionality.