Print to Scale in SketchUp Pro 2023

Hello everyone, I’m having some trouble with both SketchUp Pro and LayOut (I have Windows 10 pro and am working on the latest - 2023 - version of SketchUp). I need to print on a scale. I have two problems with SketchUp Pro and one problem with LayOut. I’ve tried installing these softwares on 5 different computers, and tried to print with 8 different printers. I also tried with SketchUp Viewer but it doesn’t work, all sections of the “print” options are empty and even if I fill them with the right numbers, it doesn’t print to scale.
These are the problems that I have:
SketchUp Pro:
1: in the “File” menu there should be 3 options: “Page Setup…”, “Document Setup…” and “Print…”. I only have “Print…” so I can’t set the scale.
2: when I click on the “Print…” option, a window opens, and that window should contain a “document size” section where one could select the scale. I don’t have that section. It’s not greyed out, I don’t have it at all.
LayOut: I tried right-clicking on the drawing (yes I imported it from SketchUp with a Standard view and parallel projection) and it makes me select a scale, but when I print, the printing doesn’t correspond to the scale. It’s 1/2 millimiters wrong. I tried editing the adjustment from the “Document setup” to 0,000001 but it doesn’t change anything. I don’t have any scaling option on “Page Setup…”, “Document Setup…” and “Print…” in layout.
Can somebody help? I wrote the assistance, but they’re not helping. There must be something wrong with my version or something, but maybe you guys know what’s wrong and can help me. Thanks

The Print to Scale option was removed from SketchUp for 2023. Share your LayOut file so we can see what you have set up and help you get things so you can export PDFs and get the scale right. It is certainly possible and not difficult.

Well, that would’ve been nice to know… So there’s no way to Print to Scale directly from SketchUp anymore? Great. Thank you for letting me know! Sorry, do you need me to upload the actual LayOut file or do you need screenshots of some settings? I’ve just been practicing with a simple 10x10 meters cube btw.

Not anymore. It was explained some time back. A search of the forum will turn up the statement from the SketchUp folks.

The actual LayOut file.

prova.layout (69.4 KB)
There you go, and thanks in advance for the help!

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What size paper are you printing on? You have the paper size selected as A4. Is that what you are printing on? What are you using to view and print the PDF?

In your LO file you haven’t set a scale for the viewport so if you exported this one you shouldn’t expect it to print to a set scale.

I realize this is just an example but you should still have a scene established for the view. I oped the SketchUp model, set a scene and also edited the style to get rid of the gray background. No point exporting that and printing it. Then I set a scale of 1:100 for the viewport in LayOut.I also rendered the viewport as Vector.

Here’s the LO file and a PDF I exported.
prova.layout (139.6 KB)

prova.pdf (5.9 KB)
Provided you are printing on A4 paper and you choose to print at actual size, the square should print the right size. If it doesn’t, look at the print drivers first.

I am printing on A4, yes. I don’t know how to do all that stuff you wrote. How do I set a scene, edit the style, set a scale in the viewport and render the viewport as vector…? Also, how do I export to pdf on a scale? I’m sorry, I’m not an architect or anything, I studied this in high school and now I’m doing it as a side job and this is the only thing I can’t do on my own. You’re being very kind and patient. It’s very late here to I have to go to sleep but I’ll answer tomorrow if you reply. Thanks again.

Don’t take this the wrong way but before you worry about getting perfectly scaled drawings youu should learn to use SketchUp and LayOut. Start with

These are fundamental things in SketchUp and LayOut. Going through the tutorials will help you with that.

You don’t export a PDF “on a scale”. After setting up the viewport to the desired scale, the exported PDF will show the viewport at the ight scale and print it that way unless you use the wrong settings in the Print dialog. Both Anssi and I showed example of the print dialogs in the other thread you were posting in.

I do know how to use SketchUp to draw, I’ve been using it for years, I just don’t know how to print on a scale. I need this job and they need it fast, so unfortunately I don’t have time to study… I just wish it was easy. I’ll just draw the stuff they need on an actual piece of paper and hope that’s enough for them, and maybe ask for a refund on the Pro version.
I don’t know which thread you’re talking about though, I just started to use this forum a few hours ago, I don’t remember posting or commenting on any other thread than mine… anyway. Thank you for your help. You’ve been very kind.

But apparently not how to create scenes? This is a fundamental thing.

It isn’t difficult but as with every other tool on the planet, you have to learn how to use it correctly.

Sorry. That was someone else who wasn’t setting things up correctly.