Can not Print to scale


Been trying to print to scale but having som issues aroud the print setting. I have noticed that there are others who have had the same problems but have not been able to finr the solution. Does anyone know how to fix this. so that i can type in the rigth scale.


I see this sometimes when I use Print Preview (no printer mapped to my computer) but I go ahead and click OK in Print Preview. Then go back and do it again and the numbers are there to set.

You might try checking with the manufacturer of the printer and make sure its drivers are up to date. Also, did you install SketchUp by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and choosing Run as administrator?

Since you have SketchUp Pro, you could use LayOut. The process of printing to scale is more straightforward in LayOut, anyway.


Thans for the advise. I have used sketchup awhile now but have never tried to scale. I’ll try you tip about the drivers and see if that does the trick. Also i have never used layout before but will surly give it a try.

Thanks again.


You really should give LayOut a try. Not only does it make printing to scale easier, you can select whatever paper size is appropriate even if your printer can’t handle it. You’ll export a PDF which you can send to a printing house or office supply store that has large printers or you can use Adobe Acrobat’s or Reader’s poster print feature to print on whatever paper size your printer handles.


It looks like we are half way ther. I uppdated the drivers and now it looks like this. Still cant change the scale settings.


Do you have the camera set to Parallel Projection? If the camera is set to Perspective, scale printing won’t be available.


nope but justed did and now it works. Thanks so much. :slight_smile: i have been going crazy all day. You where really helpfull. and i will give layout a try.

Take care.