Cannot print to scale in SketchUp 2022

In sketchup Pro I cannot print to scale the UI does not show the options. It seems that is a problem of the new version. I use the SketchUp Desktop Viewer and it worked fine.

Show us what you are seeing. Printing to scale works for me in SU2022. Also, since you have LayOut, why not use that instead?

Edit: you added the screen shot while I was typing.

Looks like a print driver issue. Use Print Preview first and just run the preview. Close it and then try again.

Or as above, use LayOut and do it the easy way.

I use Layout for my clients, but for draw quickly I use that option.

I try using print preview but the same, does not work. Thanks

You could try updating the printer drivers.

I use other computer with SketchUp in Spanish language but the UI does not work, it has the same problem. I think it is a problem of the 2022 version. Thanks.

I demonstrated printing to scale during a class the other day using SketchUp 2022. It worked fine for me.

I used first print setup, changed the printer, then I used print and the UI worked, then I switched in print the printer and I could print to scale. But I have to do this every time, because the printer updates and the the UI does not work, therefore I have to do print setup and all the workaround.

I don’t have to go into Print Setup at all. Sounds like something is still incorrect with print drivers. Or maybe incorrect installation of SketchUp. Did you install it correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

As far I know I installed it correctly. Maybe it will be corrected in the future. Thanks for your help.

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Did you install by right clicking on the download installer and selecting Run as administrator? If not, close SketchUp now and do so. When presented with options, choose repair.

Maybe a printer driver will change or something. I expect you’ll have to do something on your end to get this to work.

I did run as administrator and chose repair. But it did not solve the UI. Maybe the driver, but it is updated. I do not know what else could it cause the malfunction of the UI. Thanks. Maybe Windows i do not know.

Well, I guess at this point LO is going to be the easiest way forward.

I seem to remember that this has plagued other users of some HP printers too. Probably something awry with the driver. Can you try another printer, a PDF printer for instance?

With other printer works fine. Maybe something wrong with HP printers.