Print to scale Pro 2023

I no longer see “print preview” or any print to scale options in the latest version. Is this still possible?

SketchUp Release Notes


That explains it, Now how do I pull it off in LayOut?


A workaround to printing to scale would be to export a PDF (File>Export>2D Graphic) and to print that from your PDF viewer. Vector-only.

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Wow! Does it still work on Mac? (I’m still on 2022)

Luckily, Layout is at it’s best if all you do is put a viewport on a page and output it elsewhere. That’s not hard.

Someone with a Mac could confirm.

This is what I see when I select print…
I can choose PDF too

First create a scene of what you want to print, save the file and go to file/send to layout, it will open layout automatically, choose a template and you’ll see the scene you created on sketchup, on the sketchup model tray you can change the scale of the viewport and choose the render style, Raster is the default one its the lightest but the quality isn’t as good as vector or hybrid. If you have materials on your model only raster and hybrid will show them on the viewport.

Hmm, sure, blame it on MS that they are unstable :wink:
Yet another reason to stick with a SU7-SUP22 for the time being, since 99% of the (animated) images get exported straight from SU.