Print to scale 2022

I can not print 1 to 1 scale
I can not access scale tabs in the print window?

In order to print to scale you must have the Camera set to Parallel Projection. Do you have your scene set up that way? Since you are using SketchUp 2022, you ought to set this up in LayOut. It’s much easier to do there.

If you are having difficulty setting it up, share your SketchUp file and I’ll show you how to do it.

that was easy solution. thank you have a great weekend dave

Which one?

And you have a great weekend, too.

lol i spoke to soon

how do i print it on one sheet of paper? it wants to tile it

for example a shape 2 x 6" on a 8x11 sheet

i used sketch up and i dont usally use layout

You need to resize the SketchUp model window to match, or at least closely match the aspect ratio of the paper. If you were doing this in LayOut, you would choose the desired paper size and set the scale of the viewport to suit. You could then place it anywhere on the page. You can also get a cleaner print.

Transferring to layout worked great, resizing in sketchup did not.

thanks again


It will if you do it correctly but it’s more screwing around.

Here’s an example with a quick and ugly molding profile.

Printing to scale in SU.

Resize the model window and then set the scale accordingly. in both cases below the paper is 8-1/2 x 11.

Fits on one page

Using LayOut.
Scene set upwith Parallel Projection and standard view. Model window at normal full size.

Viewport set up in LayOut, rendered as Vector and dimensions added.