Printing always spans multiple pages

I’m trying to print a parallel projection to scale on my printer but no matter what I do, it always spans two sheets of paper. Is there some way to fix this? It’s a small arrangement of screw posts so I know it’s not that large.

Are you printing through LayOut? That’s the best way to print to scale (I don’t know if you have it or not, as your profile just says “Latest”).

I need to print it full size so that I can be certain things are laid out correctly.

If using SketchUp, the height to width ratio of your view must be close to the same as the paper because otherwise SketchUp will pad one or the other direction to fit the aspect of the paper. As @TheOnlyAaron said, if you have Pro it is easier to use LayOut with. 1:1 scale.

Ok. I tried sending it over to Layout but it’s now too small. Did I do something wrong?

I would suggest, at this point, that you share the .SKP file. Then we can help walk you through some exact steps to get a 1:1 print.

Here’s the SKP test standoffs.skp (178.6 KB)

Cool! In LayOut, set the scale to 1:1 (or Full Size):
40 PM

Going back to SketchUp for a minute, there is Document Setup. In there you can select Fit View to Page. If you do that you can then resize your SketchUp window to get the scene to be as big as you like on the page, without it ever needing two pages.

Document Setup will also show you what the print scale is.

Silly question, but how do I set the scale in windows? I don’t see how to do that

Where is document setup? I don’t see it? This si the windows version.

There is no scale in SketchUp. Everything is drawn 1:1. In LayOut, scale is set in the SketchUp Model window when you have a SketchUp Model viewport highlighted.

Cool but how do I set layout to do 1:1 in windows?

Select your Model viewport and set the scale to 1:1 in the SKetchUp Model window… There is a pic in one of my previous replies…

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