Sketchup Make: Printing spans multiple pages

I’m using sketchup make on my pc to model a bracket for my 3d printer. I’m trying to print out the design 1:1 to test it, however i cannot for the life of me get it to print on the page properly. It constantly spans multiple pages.

The bracket is only ~10cm x 16cm so should easily fit on a single piece of A4

I have managed to set the scale in Print Preview to 1:1 by doing the following

Camera > Parallel Projection
Camera > Standard Views > Top
Camera > Zoom Extents

however when it comes to print preview it places it spanning 4 pages even though it can easily fit on a single sheet of A4. (it does appear to have scaled it correctly!

Any help much appreciate!!!

Rotate the model so it matches the long direction of the window, set the paper for Landscape and make the SketchUp model window aspect ration close to that of the paper, untick Use Model Extents. You probably need to move the dimensions closer to the geometry, too.

If you share the file, I’ll set something up to show you.

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Thanks for the reply:)

by “make the Sketchup Model window aspect ratio close to that of the paper” do you mean actually adjust the size of the sketchup application window , as thats the only way i can see to do it?

file attached
cr10SPro Direct Drive Plate.skp (115.5 KB)

Yes. That’s what I mean.

Hang tight.

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So here we go.

Rotated the model, moved a dimension and label or two so they didn’t overlap, Resized the window to fit tightly around the model and to closer to the aspect ratio of the paper, and unticked Fit to page and Use Model extents. Notice size is 1:1. I can’t set A4 paper but it should fit as easily.

brilliant, thank you so much!!!

Christ you would think it would be easier than this though wouldn’t you :slight_smile:

thanks again

I guess you need to understand what it is that SketchUp is printing. That will make it easier to figure out how to set it up. It is a whole lot easier in LayOut. No need to adjust the size of the SketchUp application window. I suppose they figure for hobby use like yours this is probably not as important as for people doing work for commercial projects.

Note that there is a long standing bug: Ticking the “Use model extents” box in the print dialog will for some reason add huge margins to the model when it is smaller than about a foot/300 mm across. It works when printing larger models to scale, but not with small models to full scale.

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