How do I print to scale?

I managed to print a 2d drawing at 1:50. Now I’ve gone back to it I just cannot fathom out how to make it print to scale again. The size of the drawing hasn’t altered save that I’ve made some additions within the drawing. I’m in parallel perspective and I’ve tried unticking “fit to page” and tried ticking and unticking “use model extents” but it persists in splitting the page into 2 and sometimes into 4. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong, please?

The aspect ratio of your model view window needs to approximately match that of the paper you are targeting. Otherwise SketchUp doesn’t think both directions can fit on a page at the same time so it splits across multiple pages.

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That’s done the trick, thank you. I was previously advised to put the drawing to the top right hand corner of the screen. That has worked on smaller drawings but obviously not on one that nearly fills the page.
Thanks again.

Some more infos from Geo here:

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Following my previous reply, I realised that the print out was missing the edge of my drawing so I moved the image slightly and it refused to show it on 1 page in print preview. I moved the image to the left of my screen and then I was successful in printing the complete drawing to scale. So I’m still no wiser as to what’s going on. Incidentally, I’ve noticed that the page size keeps altering dramatically and sometimes, as soon as I enter 1:50, it says thousands of pages!

What you are printing is a image of the screen. SU knows the native pixel size of you screen and of course the model size. It then calculates the size of the screen and based on printer settings how many pages are required to print that size. That includes allowances for tool bars and margins. I am sure those have changed but last time I measured it was abt 250 px at top and abt 25px on edges so make sure you max screen space for model.
BTW I seem to have better luck using the camera tool “zoom to window” vs moving the model around by hand. Landscape vs portrait can help fit format better also.