Why do I have to move the object way over to print it


I am trying to draw a simply template so I can print it and cut some holes.

I worked out how to make it 1:1 scale, but what I don’t understand is why the print is 12 pages long, and I have to move the object way over to the left side to get it on page 1:

I only found this position by trail and error…

Is there any way to make it so that I only have an A4 area to work on, so that print makes more sense?



What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Printing prints out the entire model space. The method you used to print 1:1 is incorrect. Adjust the shape of the modeling window to approximate the aspect ratio of the paper. Since you have the model oriented vertically, make the height of the model window correspond to the long dimension of the paper. Then use Zoom extents to get the model to fill the model space. After that you should be able to set the print scale to 1:1 and print.

If you are using SketchUp Pro, it would be quicker to do this in LayOut and you wouldn’t have to adjust the aspect ratio of the model window.

Eneroth has an extension in the Extension Warehouse that can help with adjusting the aspect ratio of the model window.



Sorry… I should have said my version is 2017.

I am still not getting it… The drawing I have is 200x37mm (so around 8x1.5").

If I zoom in so it roughly fits the screen, when I do Print Preview my page is 17" wide and 10 high… If I correct this to the size of the paper (Approx 12x8") and then set the scale to 1:1, the drawing is 2 pages, and my object is on the 2nd page.

i must be missing something obvious but I am not getting it.



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That sounds like you haven’t resized the model window so that it is narrower than it is tall. Look at my first screen shot showing that I’ve narrowed up the window… Also make sure in Print Setup that the orientation is set to Portrait. It won’t fit with the paper in Landscape orientation because the paper isn’t much more than 200mm.

Again. This time with a rectangle the same size as yours.



Profile updated… I should have said the free version (Is that Make?)

I see what you are saying now… So you literally have to re-size the window to make it like the size of the paper… I get it now… Odd way to do it, but it makes sense.

Many thanks for your help


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Since SketchUp prints the model space, this process is needed to make the model space aspect ratio match the printable area on the paper. Again, with LayOut this is much less convoluted. You are working with paper space in LayOut and can set the scale of the viewport to suit the model.