Export STL to 1:48 scale


Have been given a sketchup drawing in full scale that the person would like a 1:48 (1/4") 3D print made. Is it possible to export the full scale drawing to 1/4"?

Or is the best thing to do is ask for the drawing in 1/4" instead of full scale?


You could just scale the model to 1/48th-size, export the STL, and then exit without saving. (Even if you accidentally save the model at reduced size, it’s not a big deal, since you can scale it back either using a factor or by assigning a known dimension. Of course, it’s just your working copy anyway, so who cares? Right?)

Am I missing something?



probably not missing anything, I am just new to Sketchup

How do I scale the model?

Havent found the option yet :smile:


ok, found it!

and for those following along…

select what you want to scale -> tools -> scale -> grab points and enter value (in my case I entered .25 for 1/4 1:48 scale)



1/4 inch = 1 foot = 1/48 = .02083. not .25.

1/4 scale or .25 is 1/4 inch = 1 inch



Did I mention how glad I am that I grew up with the metric system? :wink:


I am not too familiar with 3D printing, but spending once a while watching a printer operate, I understand that a scaling option can also be built-in in the software used to send your model to the printer.



Nor am I; I was simply responding to the need for a 1/48th scale export. However, since the OP’s role in all this is the 3D printer guy, if anyone should know that, should it not be him?