Sketchup to InDesign - ensuring accurate scale

I’m new to Sketchup and struggling with Layout a bit. I’ve been simply exporting scaled 2D graphics directly from SU.

My model is complete. Now, I need to export plans, etc. to PDF to place (at scale) into InDesign.
How do I ensure my exported to scale (1/4" = 1’-0") drawings will accurately place at scale in InDesign?

Curious about people’s workflows for how they set up their architectural sheets. This seemed easier to do with the web version that I trialed, but harder to do in Pro (desktop).

Thanks for sharing your workflow tips! Nothing like learning SU on a deadline to get you seeking the best shortcuts! Lol.

If you do have access to LayOut, you are making life more difficult for yourself than it ought to be. LayOut is certainly at least as capable of creating your architectural sheets than InDesign, with the advantage of maintaining a live link between your model and the documentation.
I recommend that you watch the LayOut (and SketchUp) tutorials at

Standard method is to create scenes for what you want to present. When happy, use Send to Layout. The LO file created will have the last scene you worked on as default but it is easily changed to another.

If you are wanting 2D presentations (plans, elevations, sections, etc), you will need to create a scene in Parallel Projection. Then when you are in Layout, you can choose an appropriate scale for it to fit on the chosen page size.

I don’t know anything about InDesign or what you might be using it for but if you are using it to do what Layout does, the short suggestion is - don’t. You have what you need right at your fingertips.

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Thank you!

File > Export > select PDF file type, change the scale Options…

Dont worry about the page size too much, just make sure th escle is accurate, then place it into InDesign at 100% scale (click to place).

Problem is you likely need to open the PDF in Illustrator first to adjust lineweights, text, hatches, etc prior to placing within InDesign, if you want to use the Adobe CC workflow.


To get a view as a “to scale” raster image to InDesign I have used the following workflow:

  • In SketchUp I select the desired Parallel Projection view.
  • I draw an empty rectangular frame of known dimensions around my model.
  • Then I export an image file to PNG with desired pixel dimensions.
  • I open the PNG in my image editor (photoshop)
  • I trim away the empty space around my drawn frame.
  • Then I set the size of the image to the scaled size of my frame, with or without resampling
  • Finally, if needed, I can further crop the image, without touching the resolution.
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Thank you. This is very helpful! The idea of one-off managing line weights via Illustrator sounds … painful. :slight_smile: Will endeavor to finally figure out LayOut!

Do a similar thing in Powerpoint… very quick… expect it also works in ID…
Copy the raster plan (or elevation) into PPT.
Crop the image to a know dimension in your drawing…
Resize to cropped image to a desired scale for that known dimension (using the resize tool)
Reset crop handles to show all your raster image…
Very quick and easy