Help understanding request for scaling document

I need help understanding a request I received from a contractor.

I am a self-taught Sketchup user and have no background in Interior Design or Architecture.

I built a layout for an actual apartment using Sketchup and real dimensions of the physical property.

I need a contractor to price the job and he requested to have the files in PDF in a scale of 1/4" to 1’

What would be the best way to have this done?

Before sending him anything I need to have my model exported into Photoshop so I can add labels to it.

It seems that I should have done this all on Sketchup Layout, but I didn’t and it is too late to redraw everything; layout, cabinetry, etc.

Would very much appreciate detailed instructions as he does not use Sketchup.

Thank you

There should be no need to redraw anything.

LayOut is the right tool for the job. You should be able to create scenes in your SketchUp file that show the required views of your project. Make sure that for plan and elevation views you have the camera set to Parallel Projection. Then save the file and send it to LayOut. Choose a paper size that is appropriate for your 1/4 in. to the foot scale. The copy the initial viewport, change to the appropriate scene and set the scale as needed. You can add dimensions and labels in LayOut, too.

It sounds like you don’t really have a clear understanding of what LayOut is or how to use it. It would be worth taking time to go through the LayOut Essentials so you can get that stuff down.

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They you very much Dave for the feedback!