LayOut: Scale Document

Hi! Just a quick one today…

I need to set the scale of my Floor Plans and Elevations to 1:20 scale so when I eventually print these documents, I will be able to go forth and use a scale ruler appropriately. Just unclear whether going into LayOut>Preferences>Scales>1:20 is correct? Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Where have you created your floor plans? If in LayOut you’ll select the viewport and choose the Scale in the SketchUp model panel.

If you share your LO file it’ll be a heckuva lot easier to give you specific direction.

Select the viewport. Scale in the SketchUp Model panel shows the current scale.

Change it to the desired scale.

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Brilliant! Thank you @DaveR. Makes sense now…


FWIW, you should ensure proper tag use and purge unused stuff.
Screenshot - 5_16_2023 , 8_18_10 PM

Screenshot - 5_16_2023 , 8_18_38 PM

That’ll reduce the file size substantially.

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