When I print my Layout file the scaling is way off

I’m hoping this is something I’m doing wrong, as I’m needing to submit these plans to the county and just now checked the scaling and it is very off and more than that inconsistent.

I’m using layout from a sketchup model, and setting the scale to 3/8" = 1’. and when I print to 24x18 paper if I measure the house dimension (in exterior elevations) it is really off, but more disturbing is that between two different veiwports (sketchup scenes of the same model) the dimensions are off.

Is there any dimensioning that needs to be setup in sketchup? In Layout “sketchup model” window it says ortho 3/8" = 1’ and the “preserve scale on resize” box is checked.

One thing I’m noticing is that I have the model set to “perspective” in camera, and would like to keep perspective in layout as without it it makes the picture look really strange. But If I unclick perspective the scale changes.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Dave.

I usually set scale by right-clicking the model and going to the scale pop out window, it will let you do that even with perspective on.

It is disappointing how poor the quality is of the non-perspective model, it looks cartoonish. I have to disagree with what you said about scale in perspective view makes no sense… I’ve been looking at a bunch of architectural docs (probably done in autocad), and they look so much more professional and real. Even in a 2d drawing you can have 3d depth and perspective. And scale would still be accurate in the areas that are relevant.

For example, the roof on my model looks ridiculous because all layout has done in turning perspective off is make the roof one straight line from the wall up, there is no depth perception of the roof pitch. But looking at an autocad doc the roof does have depth. And I’m not trying to promote AC, I would sooner poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick that learn AC. And you may not be able to take accurate dimensions of the roof line in such a drawing, but no one is going to take measurements of a roof line in an exterior elevation, the wall and floor dimensions are still perfectly to scale.

I didn’t really want to go off on a tangent here (I don’t actually have time), but this is another example of how layout (aside from all its other faults - it feels like a windows 95 program) does not function well as software designed to produce architectural plans. Maybe Trimble should hire a professional draftsman and ask him/her how layout should translate the sketchup model to look and act more like a architectural drawing.

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