Not printing to scale

My final print outs from Layout are not printing to the scale that I have set for my view ports. I am trying to print a 1 to 1 full size and all my measurements vertically end up being short by 3/16’. All my horizontal Measurements are spot on. Its only the vertical measurements which are off. Any help would be appreciated.

What paper size did you set in LayOut? What paper size are you printing on?

What happens if you export to PDF and print the PDF at full size?

I am using Standard 8 1/2 x 11" US Letter size in Landscape mode. I just tried exporting the file as a PDF and I still have the same problem with all my vertical measurements. I might add that all my viewports within my file are printing the same way. Vertical measurements off.

Did you set the scene in the SketchUp to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view?

Yes, however my standard view is set to β€œnone.” I just tried creating a simple square box and when I printed that out the vertical measurements were correct. Evidently my problem has to do with one of my settings for my viewport.

Thank you I just got it. I didn’t have my standard view set correctly.

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