How to print to scale 1/4"=1 ft floor plan?

I have been using for years other program to do house plans, site, foundation, floor, trusses etc…and printing to scale, now I am happy with SketchUp but I don’t kow how to print to scale.

Set up scenes in SketchUp with the camera set to Parallel Projection, use those scenes for viewports in LayOut and set their scale to 1/4" = 1’. Export from LayOut to PDF and print them out.

so there is no way to print it directly from SketchUp?

I didn’t say that. It is possible but it’s a whole lot easier and more straightfoward to do it in LayOut.

Thank you Dave, I will do that.

By the way, you should be able to do all the documentation in LayOut. With it you can make nice presentation packages, condocs and other required stuff for your projects.

I am new with SketchUp, so for construction permits you recommend do all in LayOut?

Do your modeling in SketchUp, documentation with the SketchUp model in LayOut.

You might find it useful to invest in “The Book

Is it better to print the PDF instead Layout file? It looks PDF file has an extra step.


Iam on LayOut I set the scale on the “Dimentions” ft and inches, but how can I change on the “Measurments” box? because when I want a “line” and type the lenght in ft-in line goes out of the template because the measurments are in inches

i went to the Measurments box tutorial and i did not show how to change units

Thank you

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In my experience it is better to export the PDF and then print it.

The Measurements box is in SketchUp. You can set the units to Architectural and get feet and inches. This is done under Window>Model Info>Units.

Thank you for you attention is so valuable.

in SketchUp No problem, with the snap line measurements, is in Architectural. I need the same on LayOut, so when I’m gointo snap a line and “give it a measurment “value” I want it to show in ft n inches. example: to draw 4’ line it shows on measurment box “point” as 1” not as 4’. and to draw a 4’ 5 1/2" needs to do calculator convertion

Dimensions in LayOut can be set to a scale like this:

But lines drawn in LayOut will be drawn to paper space dimensions. That’s one of the reasons for telling you to draw in SketchUp.

I want it to draw direct on LayOut, because when I imported the floor plan from SketchUp the lines and dimensions were not to clear

Then you’ll have to calculate the scale lengths of the lines.

Draw in SketchUp, render the viewports in LayOut as Vector or Hybrid to get vector lines. Add dimensions in LayOut.

Thank you, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

YES!! it prints beautiful! doing it on SketchUp and send it to LayOut export to PDF :slight_smile: ONLY that when is in pdf it comes two pages: #1 with template and a big blank rectangle, 2nd page the way it shoud be