How to print to scale in SketchUp for web

Hello, trying to draw in 1/4" scale when in Print to Scale Go version. I would like the drawing to be a 1/4" = 1’ the standard in American floor plans but my only option is 1"= whatever the zooming is. I know this can be done in LayOut, but is it possible to do with a Go subscription?

1/4" = 1’ is the same as 1" = 4’ or 1" = 48". You can set that as a scale.

Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it. When I do exactly as you shown, the model becomes very small and the measurements are the same size before shrinking. What am I doing wrong?

Hard to say. What is your model of? What size paper are you selecting? What units do you have set in Model Info? Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

The model is an elevation; I used the Arch C type paper and Model info is as follows…
Format is Architectural, Display Precision is 1/16", Length snapping is 1/16", Area units: Format type: Square Feet, Display Precision is 0.00 ftSquared.
I’m not sure how to share the .skp file unless it’s the “copy link” function and paste it here.

Download the file to your computer and, if it’s less than 16 Mb, drag and drop the file into a reply. Otherwise upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

Thank you again. Below is one of the things I would like to make the scale happen where it’s equal to 1/4"=1’.

Elevation of the Back Wall with Measurements Door and Nook (1).pdf (34.4 KB)

The PDF doesn’t help. Download the .skp file to your computer and share that.

Okay, sorry about that. I’ll share the link.

Please do what I asked you to do twice already. Download the file to your computer and share the .skp file. All you shared is a link to the online viewer.

I think that I done what you asked here?
Elevation of the Back Wall with Door and Nook (1).skp (42.9 KB)

OK, so at 1" = 48" you’re seeing this on Arch C paper.

LayOut shows the same thing.

That makes sense for no larger than your model is. You could get away with 1" = 1’ on Arch C paper. You’d need to move some of the dimensions so they don’t get lopped off the edges but it would work.

If I were doing this I would first edit the style to get rid of the gray background. If this thing is to be printed, that background will use a lot of ink.

Thank you so much for the explanation and the visual tutorial.

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