How do I change the scale to 1/4 - 1'?

How do I change the scale to 1/4 - 1’?

In SketchUp you model in real world units. 1’ = 1’. Scaled output is done in LayOut by setting the scale of the viewport tied to the scene in SketchUp.

Thanks, I’m trying to do a plan drawing of a tile floor in Layout. I have grids and I want each square to simulate a foot (say 1/4" = 1’). The dimension of the first line is 0.13m; I can’t get it to change to 26’ (being 6.5").

Kinda like we did in old school drafting with a pencil and scale.

Put that behind you.

In SketchUp you model with real world dimensions. If you want to draw a grid with 1 foot squares, make the lines a foot apart.

That sounds like you’ve selected a metric template. Go into Window>Model Info>Units and set the Units to either Architectural or Fractional units.

SketchUp is a model space thing. Scale is a paper space thing like you would use in LayOut.

DaveR, are you saying the LayOut screen is not for drawing? That I must draw in SketchUp and LayOut if for another purpose?

No! You posted in the SketchUp category which implies you’re working in SketchUp not iin LayOut.

Generally the best option is to model in SketchUp and use LayOut for creating the documentation.

If you want to draw in LayOut, that’s fine. In that case choose Scaled Drawing in the tray on the right side and select your scale. Then do your drawing there. Make sure you haven’t chosen a metric template such as the A4 paper size template.

If you are talking about drawing in LayOut this thread should be moved to the LayOut category.

Thanks for the help; Im new at this.

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Might be a good idea to go through the instructional materials at