Scaling drawings in Layout!

I’m having issues producing a scaled drawing in Layout although the resources seem easy enough. I’m trying to do a 3/4’’= 1 foot scale. Not sure how to start or where. I’m drawing a couch, the dimensions are 38’’ height x 84’’ width. Please help, any resources or where to teach my self scaling or how to start with regular dimensions would be greatly appreciated

Are you trying to draw the couch in LayOut or show a SketchUp Model of the couch at scale? Frankly for a couch, I would probably model it in 3D in SketchUp and use elevation and plan views of it in LayOut for the scaled work.

In either case, what does the couch look like? What information do you have to use for drawing it?

It would help if you would update your profile. It indicates you are using SketchUp 2018 Free (web) which isn’t possible.

Well it’s for my job so my boss asked me only to use Layout, and not sketch up but I’m having difficulty with that. I guess the first one, just draw it in Layout and 3 different drawings actually/3 different views.

I’m replicating a drawing that has already been done. I’m using 2019 pro. I’m just under a tight deadline so I rushed through the profile making.

Well, I guess you do what the boss tells you to do although that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Since drawing in LayOut is a 2D thing you will have to draw each of the 3 views separately and make sure they match. So much easier to create a 3D model and make three different views.

Without seeing the couch it’s hard to tell you where to start or how to draw it. I guess the starting point would be to click on Scaled Drawing and set the scale accordingly. Then probably get the Line tool and start drawing.

Perhaps you could update your profile?

The views are: plan view, front elevation view, and side elevation view.

I will update my profile. basically I’m just replicating these first for practice before I’m doing actual new drafting for new projects; just started this job recently. still training.

I’d reinforce what Dave said - go back to your boss and tell him or her it doesn’t make sense to do the drawing in layout.

Model it at its real dimensions in Sketchup, then link the SU model into Layout, set the view scale at what you need it to be, and have three viewports (or more) - at least one for each of plan and side and end elevations.

So a fairly straightforward couch. Good project for learning to use the drawing tools in LayOut. I can’t imagine it makes any sense to do that for a commercial project, though. Modeling it in SketchUp would make it easier to modify if dimensions change, too.

Hi Avagins, We allow users to create scaled drawings for exactly what you are asking for. I will try to communicate the steps to draw to scale in LO. (I have also included a video showing it)

From the Scaled Drawing inspector select the Make Scaled Drawing button.
From the dropdown select 3/4" = 1’-0"
Invoke the Line tool
Give a start point, then a direction with the your mouse cursor
Type in in the distance you want for example 7’ Enter

You will be creating a Scaled Group in LayOut which allows you to draw to scale.
You can exit the Group by pressing the Esc button a few times or with the Select (spacebar) tool and clicking outside the group.
Double clicking will allow you re-enter the Scaled group to add more to it and dimensions can be created inside or outside the Scaled Drawing.
The scale can also be changed if you need to by selecting the group and modifying it in the Scaled Group inspector.

Hope it makes sense.

Thanks everyone. I’m using layout for the first one and sketch up for the last two. One more question: how can I change the unit of measurement in layout? I created a scaled drawing but the dimensions tool is stuck on mm even though i’ve tried to change it to inches a couple times.

The Dimension tool will show the units for dimensions that you select in the Dimension Style. You need to have the Dimension tool active or you need to select a existing dimensions.

Screenshot - 3_31_2020 , 2_29_06 PM

You should also set the Units in Document Setup.

The fact that the units are showing as metric implies that you selected a metric paper size template to start with. If you select something like Letter, Legal, etc, the units will be set to Imperial.

Anyone have any more tips? the first one is my first try at it. Obviously i’m just starting and learning this program but any short cuts or more about scaling/shapes/lines would be so greatly appreciated :slight_smile: I know it’s not perfect just a first draft.

I’m not sure what you are missing regarding the drawing. That 1-1/2 in. dimension doesn’t look right but then it isn’t anchored on the drawing at both ends.

In AutoCAD, any dimensions done in paper space will inherit the drawing scale 1"=1". Any dimensions done inside the viewport inherits the scale drawing * the viewport % change scale. Maybe that 1 1/2" dimension was made outside of the Layout’s viewport.

Looking good Avagins, yes DaveR and MGriffies have identified the issue.

LayOut will inherit the paper space distance as well if the dimension it is not connected to the entity (LayOut entity or SketchUp model), in this case a LayOut Scaled Drawing.

To solve this either create a new dimension and make sure you are connecting to the entity or double click on the dimension and move the grips. (see below)


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are viewports in layout the same as layers in photoshop?

No. Viewports are views of a SketchUp model. LayOut uses layers in much the same way as Photoshop in that you can put entities on different layers and the layer list order determines what shows on top of what. In LayOut you can use layers to isolate entities. In my furniture plan projects I have specific layers for SketchUp model viewports, LayOut drawing entities, dimensions, other text, etc.

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