Scales and Keyboard Input Dimensions

So im using Layout 2017, I’ve set my scale to 1:25, and I want to work on A4, I cant work in 1:1 as the paper size won’t allow it, not that id want to, when I draw a square and annotate the dimension its correct BUT when I go to click then type the dimension I want sketch up draws the line or square at whatever on the paper but not converting my inputed dimensions to the 1:25 scale. Is there a way to auto convert keyboard dimensions to scale? Cheers

I don’t understand how you are using LayOut and SketchUp here?

Could you share the LO file so we can see what you’re trying to do?

Hi Dave, that was quick! I haven’t drawn anything currently, just setting up, its a floor plan of a room im trying to create. So I want to work in 1:25 scale so it fits nicely on the screen and for printing on A4 this will allow a max room dimension big enough to fit on A4. So when I draw a a line for example across the page and then take a dimension from it all is well and it shows 6800mm, all good. But what I want to do is draw the line by inputting 6800mm on the keyboard, this results in a line draw 6800mm at 1:1 scale so goes a mile off the page, does that make better sense? Cheers

I think I understand what you are attempting to do. You’re not using LayOut as it was intended, though. Draw your floor plan in SketchUp at full size and create a scene with the camera set to Parallel Projection and the Top view. Then insert the SketchUp file into LayOut and use that scene as a viewport. Set the viewport’s scale to 1:25.

Scales in LayOut apply only to inserted SketchUp model views that use Parallel Projection. Anything you draw directly on a LayOut page is always to full scale (1:1). You might draw your floor plan to full scale in SketchUp, and then place a plan view of it on your LayOut page and set the scale of that to 1:25.


I had a feeling that might be the case,ill do it that way then, many thanks chaps really appreciate the help.