Using 1/4" scale in Layout

This is my first post so bare with me.

Working in Layout and trying to draw a floor plan in 1/4" scale. I am trying to create an “as is” floor plan of a potential remodel project of an existing one story ranch. I have all the dimensions in my notes and I am trying to create the floor plan by making rectangles of each part of the house and connecting them. When I draw a rectangle, Layout only shows me the dimensions in inches so I have been doing all the math in my head to figure out how to draw a rectangle that is for example 10’6"x15’10" and it is just way too time consuming.

How do I set the scale and or dimension of the page so that as I draw a rectangle it shows what the length is in feet and inches?

Thank you

Currently there is no option for that in LayOut. Probably the easiest thing would be to do the drawing in SketchUp at full size, create scenes for the views and then, in LO, set the scale of the viewports as desired.


@DaveR hit this one on the head. While it is possible to draw in LayOut, the tools were really never developed for use as a stand alone complete drafting program. The workflow that it was created for is the creation of full-size geometry in SketchUp, and then scaling to paper-space using LayOut.