Scaled Drawings in Layout


I am new to Layout which I use primarily for drawing plans for the decks I build. I’ll do my best to articulate my question clearly.

When I’m drawing in scale and then go out of the drawing I seem to lose the ability to resume drawing in scale. I have to create another scaled drawing for a different part of the drawing which seems to create issues with dimensions and possibly other things.

Is there a way to properly deal with this? I appreciate your help.

Yes. Double click on the group formed when you start the Scaled Drawing. That will open it into editing mode.

Are you doing all of the drawing for your deck plans in LayOut?

Thank you…I’ll try that.

That’s what I’ve been doing. The drawings I’m doing are primarily for submission with the Building Permit application so I really only need 2D. I’m new to this so if you have a better suggestion I’d appreciate it.

I guess I would be making 3D models of the decks in SketchUp, creating the scenes to show elevation and plan views and any other required views, and then send to LayOut. You can set the scale for the viewports to be suitable for the paper and then add any dimensions and labels that you might need.

Much easier to make sure details are correct in the 2D views if they are coming from a single 3D model. And when changes come along, you edit the 3D model, save the changes and update the reference in LayOut. All of the places where those changes need to show will update. No fear of missing something.

Thank you again. Guess I need to work on my 3D skills in SketchUp then! I’ll try to figure that out.

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Might be worth spending some time at

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I’ll check that out.