Re scaling in layout

Hi Everyone,
I’m just wondering if there’s an easy way to re scale my drawing. I have built a model in Sketch Up and transferred it to LayOut at 1:10. Then going over the details and adding text/ bits and pieces, deleting the model and keeping the traced over drawing. I now need to re draw the same picture at 1:50. Can I just re scale my drawing somehow or do I need to re draw the entire thing? I have tried to send my model to layout in the new scale and stretch my drawing but I looks very wrong. I will then need to cut and paste it into a larger page with multiple drawings (if that makes any difference).

Select the viewport with the applicable model view, then go to the default tray on the right, find “SketchUp Model” label, expand that, the scaling controls can be found there.

Thanks Julian, but that would only work for my image from sketchup right??? my drawing that has been done in layout cant be effected by this??

true. have you grouped the drawn portion separately? have you tried grabbing the rescale handle and then typing a scaling value? thus from 1:10 to 1:50 is 0.2

Why did you delete the viewport of the model? There should be no reason to do that.

re scale handle, do you mean the square with arrows on the corner of the group?
I cant find a scale tool.

just because it didn’t look as neat and crisp with it there.

Did you render the viewport in Vector?

yeah but my lines over the top were based on line weights and the model didnt help

OK. There are ways to deal with that which wouldn’t require you to get rid of the viewport. As it is, you’ve created more work for yourself and lost some useful information by not having the viewport.

Since you’re at that point, do what Julian suggested with grouping the geometry on the page in LayOut and scaling by grabbing a corner handle.

when i try and do it. i grab the corner to re size, then i type .2, .2 and it comes up as invalid string. am i doing it wrong?

What do you use for a decimal separator? If you use a comma, then type ,2;,2

Ok great. think Ive got it. Thanks so much to both of you

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