Scaling Drawing after doing Linework


Im working on a site plan and have uploaded my sketchup model and forgot to set my scale on ArchD size paper- Just stretched it to fit(haha) . Have traced lots of linework for the site plan and then realized I forgot to set my scale. Will I have to re trace all my linework now that the model is resized or is there a way to allow the linework tracing to follow the model on rescale?


From what you described, yes. You might be able to scale the drawn content but it might not scale correctly. For something like you’re doing scaling the viewport first is important and then doing the drawing at a Scaled Drawing would make sense.

  • Draw a rectangle around (outside) all your linework, making sure two corners are snapped to the model in your viewport.
  • Group all the linework together.
  • Set the viewport scale.
  • move one corner of your group back to where it was intended to stay. resize group to your other reference point.
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