Annotating and detailing to scale in layout

Hi, I am comfortable importing models into Layout and setting up scale viewports, rendering them, labelling etc.

When I work on more detailed architectural working drawings it is helpful to be able to add detail to the viewports. For instance adding layers and junction details to sections. I can do this with the line tool, however I cannot work “to scale”, for instance if I want to draw a line of set length which coordinates to the viewport scale or offset a line by a scaled distance.

I know in an ideal world I would model every element and junction in detail in Sketchup, and this requirement wouldn’t exist. However, pragmatics make this way of working necessary at time. Does anyone have advice on a workaround for drawing to scale in Layout, overlaying a viewport?

Thanks, Justin

You can dimension to scale

draw a dimension - turn off autoscale in the dimensions setting and select a scale you want to use

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Thanks, that’s a useful tool. Hopefully in the next release we will be able to draw a line to scale also.