Layout annotation and dimensions with precision

Hello everyone! I have been doing my first steps in LAYOUT.
The issue i am caming across with is that, i have to set dimensions from 2 points that sometimes are not at simple sight, in other words, i have to pan a bit along the model to search for these points.

And im finding this difficult to do on the layout viewports, and above all i cant take precise measurements, due to the quality of the view, i have already put it on HYBRID mode of rendering. like in the picture below

I have tried to put the dimension on the model mode, but they come up in every view and i dont want that -.-
I will appreciate any hack or suggestions :

It looks like your style in the model has extensions and endpoints turned on. If that’s the case, turn them off, update the style, save the changes and update the model reference in LayOut. Share the LayOut file with us. It’ll make it easier for us to help you.

Hello, when creating dimensions in LayOut, it will be easier with the SketchUp’s viewport is in Vector/Hybrid Mode. Then you should temporary change Line Scale from 0.5pt to 0.01pt (smallest value as possible).