Dimensioning got ya

just discovered an interesting feature/bug.
When you make dimensions in SketchUp and you set the font size to an actual size to enable sensible zooming without giant dimensions jumping about all over, it works great in SU. However when you bring the view into Layout the dimensions are invisible if set to be a size rather than a point size. The dimension lines are still there just not the text ???
Is this a feature or a bug?

Pain in the proverbial actually.

Can you upload a LayOut file that demonstrates this?

If you set dimension text size to a height instead of a font size, the text’s size in LayOut will be proportional to the size of the model in the viewport. Just as any other part of the model would change in size on the page, the dimension will, too. If you set the text size in points, the size in the LO project will remain constant while the viewport gets resized.

Dimension text set to Height.

Dimension text set to Points

This is all reasonable behavior and not a bug.

Why not just use dimensions in LayOut?

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Just another reason not to use Layout for interaction with other CAD professionals.

Text in SU is a pain due to the 3D but manageable using layers, scenes

and output to PDF for quick work.

2018 Layout issues


I see it as just another reason to not use SketchUp for dimensioning when Layout is available.

pretty sure its a bug not a feature

it only goes wrong in vector or hybrid render

dimension bug vector.pdf (7.3 KB)
dimension bug.layout (122.0 KB)
dimension bug raster.pdf (66.6 KB)
temp.skp (154.6 KB)

its easier to use SU dimensions while you are working on the model and doing show and tells with the client or design team and seems silly to have to throw these away and redo when you then move to layout to produce actual drawings

Is this a bug?
If so can it be fixed?

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