Dimension feature

Think this should have been posted in here

Are your dimensions done in SketchUp? The point of LayOut is to do your dimensioning in LayOut instead. Please describe the “Bug” a bit more so we can help diagnose.

Sorry the thread originally posted in had a bit more detail.
If you dimension in SU. And have the font size set as points then the size is dynamically changed when you zoom in and out and renders OK in layout.
If you have the font size fixed ie 200mm or whatever then the text is not dynamic when you zoom in and out (all as expected) but only renders in Layout in raster mode not in vector or hybrid… this is definitely a bug in the layout rendering engine.

The reason I would have some dimensions in SU and not in Layout is that while the project is still in design mode you want the dimensions in the SU model to easily be updated with the client live and not to have to switch back and forth.
Also if you are using the viewer app dimensions have to be with the model not in Layout.

Hope that is a bit clearer.

The Mobile viewer has an option to read dimensions, now!

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