Major flaw in Layout representation of Sketchup dimension - please fix

The size changes in Dimensions and Texts when importing a Sketchup scene into Layout is my BIGGEST frustration with the otherwise superb product of Sketchup Pro. Could Development please work with the code behind Dimensioning so that when a scene from Sketchup is imported into Layout, the visual representation of the dimensions and texts is EXACTLY as seen in Sketchup. In my opinion, this is a major hindrance to those of us who want to take a Sketchup model and make either presentations or working drawings in Layout. Fix this, and you will have a product we will be raving!

Can you post a LayOut file that displays this problem? I tried to reproduce it but couldn’t.


FYI, the developer forum is for 3rd-party extension developers. Fore the most eyes on the topic, this should be in the LayOut Forum.

I moved it (you could have done it too). Anssi