Layout 2018 - Hybrid Mode Problem

Since I updated to SU 2018 I am having a problem with Layout. When I render a model in Hybrid mode my Leader text disappears as well as my dimensions.

Interestingly my dimension lines appear, just the measurements are gone. If I switch to either of the other two render modes the text and dimensions reappear.

Can you upload a sample LO file that demonstrates this?

I uploaded the layout file with the file embedded and also the source file and the copy of the layout file that references it.

A couple of possibilities although remote

  1. I have pulled in a component from my 2017 library to my sketchup model.
  2. I am using a template origanlly created in 2017 as well asan embedded logo file.

A colleague of mine is also having the same problems. She too is using old components / templates.

We are both running Pro versions.

I love the software - it keeps getting better. I think I still have my original disk from @lastsoftware from when I started using it!

Any insights are appreciated.

Layout Problem File - with embedded file.layout (115.2 KB)
Layout Problem File.layout (115.3 KB)
Floorplan.skp (98.9 KB)

About to leave for home. I’ll look when I get home.

Super - thanks tons

I did find a problem with your SketchUp file. Evidently there’s something located at a great distance from the origin. Hitting Zoom Extents makes it appear as if your model has been erased. I copied the plan and dimensions to a new file to fix that issue but I see the same problem with the dimensions and text.

I’m not sure what the problem is with your dimensions and labels, though. I deleted them and replaced them (some of them) and I have no problem getting them to show in LO rendered in Hybrid or Vector.

To be honest, I thought your dimensions and text were inserted in LayOut, not in SketchUp. I would suggest that you add those entities in LO anyway.

Wow - I am still stumped. I tried to recreate the error by adding one element at a time and the zoom extents didn’t jump to infinity.

I will heed you advice and do my labeling and dimensioning in Layout.

The fact that the file, if saved in 2017 will render properly. I didn’t check to see what happens with zoom extents in the earlier version.

I just saved it in 2017 - same problem with zoom extents. I erased one layer at a time and it was my boxes layer that was causing the problem for some reason. This layer was simple a trace of the outline saved as a group and put on its own layer.

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