Measurements in Layout Not Scaling to Model Scale

When I scale my model to the desired size in layout, all the dimensions that I put on this model come in correctly. There are times, though, when I want to use centerlines, or dotted lines to represent an object that I have hidden (for whatever reason). When I dimension based on these lines the dimensions default to the “Auto Scale”. Which is defaulted to Full Size 1:1. Obviously I want this dimension to be in the same scale as my model. I can manually go in and change this scale to match my model’s. But is there an option to set the auto scale per model viewport? So that even if I am dimensioning lines that are superimposed onto my model they are still accurately scaled?

Also, usually if I select a model edge and a line I have drawn, the dimension scale is accurate. But other times even if a model edge is selected the dimension goes to the auto scale default. Why is that?

Assuming your model is modeled at real world dimensions, the Dimension tool in LayOut should have Auto Scale enabled.

For your dimensions from a centerline, use Inferencing to dimension from the center in the model so that both ends of the dimension are anchored on the model. Put the centerline on a layer above the one the viewport is on and turn it off so you can dimension on the viewport only. Then turn the centerline’s layer back on.

Interesting. Yeah I have not touched the auto scale tool.

The layering option works, but I also have the problem where the point I want to select on the model is not in the foreground so to speak. For example, two timbers coming together on center, but one is 8x8 and one is 6x6. Layout doesn’t snap to the joint (the 8x is most forward, the joint is 2" back). Typically I end up zooming in and trying to manually select the points I want. This usually works fine when you use 1/16" precision, but it can be annoying.

All this to say, its not always an option to dimension on the viewport. At least if you’re expecting not fully manually dimensioning. Unless you have a work around for this…

Clearly you need to be able to access the points you are anchoring the dimensions on. Depending on how you’ve set up your model you might be able to hide a tag in the viewport temporarily to allow you to see that point. Or maybe you need to add a point in the model to which the dimension can be anchored. This could be a guide point or a small edge segment that would be visible in that scene.

Right. It doesn’t strike me as an obvious lack of function. To NOT be able to click points in the “background”. When you make a drawing in a parallel projection you inherently remove “foreground and background”. I understand that it still exists, but I have not had this lack of function with other softwares in the past.

I will say, it is entertaining to find all these unique work arounds. There is almost too much flexibility in SketchUp :wink: