Dimensions true measurements

Hi, is there a way to snap on to an edge but keep the dimensions true?

So here is the issue:

Import a view. draw over some parts in layout to make cuts bold etc . However when you take a dim from an element drawn in layout dimension tool loses its connectivity and relationship to the model and measures in ‘paper space’

Set the dimension tool to the same scale that the viewport has

What version of LayOut?

There are several options available.

  • Set the scale for dimensions manually
  • Put the lines you draw in LayOut on a layer you can make invisible so you can access the underlying model viewport with the Dimension tool.
  • If you are using LayOut 2018, use Scale Drawing to draw the lines in LayOut to the same scale as the viewport and then dimension as needed.

The second two options don’t force you to change the Dimension Style settings and remember to set them back as you go forward.


Thank you Dave & Mike,

Layout 2018.

Had the dim tool on auto… Bonus learning never knew about Scale Drawing.

Thank you very much both problem solved.


Most of the time you’ll want the Dimension Tool set to Auto. Remember to set it back when you are dimensioning directly off the model. The other day I helped an architect who was having trouble with a dimension not showing up correctly. Turned out he’s turned off the Auto Scale thing and forgot to turn it back on. Not the first time I’ve seen that and a good reason to use one of the other two options I suggested.

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