Layout Dimension Tool - Understanding Behavior

Having some difficulty understanding how the dimension tool functions.

In this example (see GIF) I attempt to dimension the gap (which is actually 3/16"). Before I actually dimension, I check the precision for the dimension tool, 1/16". I then add the dimension, which reports 0". If I then select the dimension and change the scale to 1 1/4", the dimension displays the correct measurement. Other scale options change the dimension to various incorrect readings.

Why should changing the scale option display, change the actual dimension value?

Thanks for your help …

Why are you changing the scale? Leave Auto Scale enabled and adjust the Precision. Since this isn’t an architectural model, don’t use Architectural units. Change the units to Fractional.

Leaving Auto Scale turned on means that the dimensions will be correct for the SketchUp model when you anchor the ends of the dimensions to the model itself.

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Thanks Dave. Works as described. Obviously, still struggling. Long road ahead. :frowning_face:

From what your video shows it seems like you are making more of setting up dimensions in LO than you need to. Don’t screw around with the scale setting for dimensions if you are dimensioning the viewports from the model. Doing so means you have to chase the scale settings for viewports with different scales and you’re more likely to induce errors.

The only settings you should need to make relate to the location and orientation of the dimension text in the top row and the units and precision lower down. And maybe set the gap for the extension lines if you need to change it.

The best thing to do is create a template that already has the dimension settings as you want them so you don’t have to make these changes every time.

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