Help: Layout dimension tool is showing wrong dimensions after update

I have updatet my model in layout and suddenly when I add new dimensions they are wrong. 100 mm shows as 250 - the number I havent changen are stil correct - what can be wrong?

Double check that the scale assigned to the dimensions is the same as your sketchup model…

Do you mean, if I checked the scale in the window? It is 1:20 all right

and the dimensions are correctly set to millimeters

What about the actual scale setting for the errant dimension?

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got exactly.

Are the dimensions set to the same scale as the SketchUp model?

Double check that the scale of your model matches the scale you have the dimension tool set to. Most of the time this will be on ‘auto’ - but if it is not LayOut will measure and dimension to whatever scale you choose.

yes they are, but when I opened it today, layout have changed the paper size to A4, and the template frame… I think I have to start over.

But thanks to every one!

you are right, the dimension tool have changed to 1:50 with the update and the change of paper size - very strange. But Thank you

It worked, today I could change it - you saved my day - thanks a lot!!

Layout doesn’t magically change paper size by itself. I’m curious what you were trying to do.

Great. Mark the post that helped you as the answer to speed up helping other people with a similar question.

it is proberbly myself. the template is A3 but my homeprinter is A4 - proberbly something went wrong here.
It was the post were you posted some screenshots, that helped me.
I don’t know where I mark it?