My dimensions are out by 1mm on layout, I don't know how to fix

Hi, I have a little problem. The top of my wall width is correct and the width at the bottom is different. When I make a section cut I don’t get the right dimensions because the width of the wall changes. So this affects my dimensions in layout. Can anyone help me with a quick fix. I have attached the sketch up document and layout document. I have also attached an image of my site survey with the correct measurements on it.

Thank youuu.
Assignment 2 - Floor Plan updated.skp (25.9 KB)
Layout - Foor Plan and Elavation dr .layout (456.1 KB)

I’m not seeing any overall dimensional errors in the model. I get the same dimensions top and bottom.

I haven’t had time to pick through your sketch and LayOut file in detail yet but I do see issues with where some of the dimensions are anchored.

In this screenshot the next screenshot the 949 dimension is anchored on the left to a dashed line drawn in LayOut and to an endpoint in the model on the other end. This would be likely to induce errors.

I’ll dig further when I get some more time.

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I did find a 1 mm discrepancy in the wall at the window between above and below the picture rail.
Screenshot - 8_5_2023 , 9_41_33 AM
Remember when wee talked about modeling this before that making the picture rail, base molding and other features as objects separate from the walls. That would make it easier to avoid errors of this sort.

You could fix this with Push/Pull on the appropriate face. Really, I would recommend that you redo the model correctly.

I would also suggest that you add geometry in the SketchUp model for those dashed lines so you can anchor the dimensions to the model instead of geoemetry drawn in LayOut.

Thank you for your response. Oh dear… What do yo mean by add geometry for the dashed lines?

Just that you add something in the model for those edges of the steps in the ceiling. I started reworking your model. You can see the lines going across for that.

Those edges will be tagged separately so they can be given a dashed style in LO.

I had to put it aside yesterday but I will try to finish it up today and send it to you so you can see.

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I see. I added in the lines in LO previously but I can see it’s much better doing this on the model. Thanks. I’m on my last submission for this model so hopefully I will not have to revisit it again. It’s been a steep learning curve.

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