Having trouble with accurate dimensions in Layout

I’m have trouble getting the LO file to dimension correctly. I’ve read a lot of previous posts and I think that the solutions are not applicable but I’m sure I’m wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Which dimensions are you having problems with? Are you still using LO2018 like your profile indicates?

I see a couple of things that could be causing you trouble like having Grid Snapping enable in LO and Length Snapping in SketchUp. I would disable both of those.

First of all. Thank you Dave. It seems like every time I have a problem, you are there to fix it. (And everyone else!)
For example in the cross section, the height of the wall is actually 8’ but LO is not coming up with that.
I’ll work on what you suggested.

Can you show me a screen shot of where you are trying to place that dimension?

I meant “Your fixing everyone’s problems”. I’m using LO2020.

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I don’t get a lot of them fixed unfortunately.

So I just measured the height of the wall here and got 8’-0"

Maybe you could update your profile and had the graphics card?

It looks to me as if you are winding up with a sort of diagonal dimension. One thing you could do is add a few more tags in your model for parts of the structure of the roof and then temporarily turn off their visibility in LO while you do the dimensioning. After you get the dimensions finished turn the tag visibility back on.

Ok. As always, thank you.

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You’re quite welcome.

FWIW you might want to remove the LO file from your post. It’s got not only your contact info but also your client’s name and address.

Thanks but can’t seem to.

I can delete other posts but not the original one with the files.

Just edit the post and delete the files.