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My name is Irma. I have to layout files that seem to have the same setting for the dims (Auto Scale) however in one file I am unable to grip to the model hence it only give me real page dimensions… I have checked the setting for both files and can’t find the difference. I could obviously copy the content to the file that works but would like to learn why it’s not gripping to the model.

Thank you very much in advance!


Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got? Are you trying to dimension to a section cut?


Many thanks for your prompt reply DaveR!

Please let me know if you can see the Sketchup model inserted… I’m new to layout so I’m not sure if I have the embed it somehow…

Yes. I see the SketchUp file. There are no dimensions in it. where are you trying to attach dimensions that doesn’t work?

Hi Dave,

Thank you!
I’m trying to add any dimension to the model, let’s say the width of the doors with the chevron pattern, or the width of the open shelves… It’s just not gripping to anything but the Titleblock…


I see. There are some corners like at the tops of the doors which are hidden behind other edges or in some cases even faces and that makes it difficult for LO’s dimensioning tool to snap to them. You can snap to the edges themselves. You can do a few things to make dimensioning this thing easier.

  1. In SketchUp set up the scene with the camera set to Parallel Projection and the stard Front view.
  2. In LayOut, turn off Grid Snapping in the Arrange menu.
  3. Create a separate layer for dimensions in the LO file and lock the layer the viewport is on.
  4. Feel free to zoom in on the areas where you are placing dimensions.

By the way, you’ll see that dimensions can easily be snapped to the bottom corners of the doors because those points are exposed in the model. Of course that’s not really the cleanest place to add the dimensions.

Hi again Dave,

Thank you so much for your help. In the meantime I saved the file with a different name and restarted Layout for the 3rd time and somehow it works now with all the 3D views… bizarre, I still don’t know what the issue was, hopefully just a glitch!

Thank you again for all your time, it’s very much appreciated!!

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Happy if it helped. By the way, I notice you aren’t using layers correctly in SketchUp. Layer 0 should always be the active layer (pencil icon always set to Layer 0) and all edges and faces should remain on Layer 0. Doing otherwise can lead to problems, confusion and delay.

Your profile says you are using SU2017 but it looks like you’re using 2019, correct? Maybe you could update your profile.

Thanks for the tip. I usually triple click before creating a group and put all lines and surfaces within the layer I want the group to be in, but I think I know what you mean, as in Autocad blocks - always line in layer 0.

In SketchUp the correct way to work is to leave Layer 0 active, create all edges and faces on Layer 0 and leave them with that layer association. Select the geometry and create a group or component and assign a layer to that group or component. Do not change the layer assignment for the geometry inside, however.

This is actually a very freeing workflow because you are never chasing layers when you are editing groups or components. It never matters what layer is assigned to the group or component because when you are editing its contents you are always working on Layer 0.

It’s a good idea to understand that layers in SketchUp are not really layers in the traditional sense like they are in LayOut, Photoshop or ACAD. In SketchUp, layers are really just a visibility tag that you assign to a group or component to control whether or not it is displayed in the model space.

Same as AutoCAD, great tip thanks! It never created a problem but I like to work in the correct way so thanks!!!

The layout file isn’t working again, I managed to put one dim correct and afterwards I only copied across the title block and changed from m to mm and it’s not working again! Grrrrr! Frustrating. I really don’t understand why.

Hi Dave,

It is actually the Title Block layer that creates the problem. It’s sent to the back but if visible it creates problems… If I switch it off it’s fine. This does not happen in my other file.

I think you aren’t getting the dimension tool on the lines.Try dimensioning in this one.
FIREPLACE JOINERY dr.layout (3.7 MB)

I’m not seeing a title block layer with your fireplace.

I noticed now the difference between the two files… I was selecting the Title block and right click send to back… whereas in the other file the TB layer was at the bottom of the layer list! Now it seems to be fine even if it’s on :slight_smile: Hooray!

I think I must have sent you the file without clicking SAVE… sorry!! But at least now we know why it was happening :slight_smile:

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Thank you again for your time!!

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You’re welcome and good luck.

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