How to Measure Accurately in SketchUp Layout 2018 !?

Hi, I’m having a problem where I want to measure in 3/16" = 1’0" on SketchUp Layout but when I go and measure with the dimension tool, the dimensions aren’t all that accurate on the plan I’m working on. I have it all set up on the “Dimension Style” drop-down tab on the right-hand side of the screen but it still won’t work. Can someone please help me figure this problem out? Maybe you’re having the same problem as well?


I’m not sure I understand; are you saying that Layout’s dimension tool yields inaccurate values for features of your model? If so, try opening the model in SketchUp Pro and then use the Dimension or Tape Measure tools to measure the same feature - what dimension value do they display? Is it possible that the actual model features do not have the sizes (dimensions) that you expected?

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I was wondering could it be the template that is affecting how the plan is not measuring correctly?

How about sharing the LayOut file so we can see? There is no reason you can’t make accurate dimensions in LayOut

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Welcome to our online community! I seriously doubt that the issue you describe is related to a template. I would guess the problem is more likely to be related to the way you inference between points, but the best way to confirm this is to submit the subject files.

You can upload a file by clicking the 7th icon from the left at the top of the Reply box and following the directions that will appear. File size must be < or = 3mb. For now, because you recently joined us, you can only upload one file per post. This is merely a temporary restriction which will be lifted automatically after you’ve been here a while.

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1ST FLOOR 5-18-18.pdf (140.7 KB)

Here is the first-floor plan that I’m working on. Second Floor will be uploaded afterward

2ND FLOOR 5-18-18.layout.pdf (154.4 KB)

These files you may need to change in order to add them to Layout

Can you upload the LayOut file instead of a PDF?

I inserted this plan from an Architect I’m working with which is why it’s a PNG file. This was the only way to get it into Layout to make it work for me to work on it.

One more time, please upload the LayOut file.

1ST FLOOR 5-18-18.dxf (581.6 KB)

Is this what you were after?

No. The LayOut file. That the file that is generated when you hit Save in LayOut.


I think it’s obvious here that the dimensions aren’t accurate because it’s not dimensioning a model so there’s no scale associated with it. If it’s a PNG or other 2D image, turn it into a scaled drawing first so Layout’s dimension tool knows what scale to be referencing.

See here for more info.
Then try your dimension again…Of course also make sure you’ve imported your PNG to the correct scale as if the actual scale is incorrect, then there’s nothing you can do until it’s fixed.

I’ve asked you three times to share the LayOut file so I can help you. You still haven’t done that.

Agreed with @DaveR here…not much we can do to help without looking at file(s) themselves.

1ST FLOOR 5-18-18 (with symbols).layout (1.3 MB)

This is the Layout file that I’ve been working on. I’m trying to draw a blueprint for the installation of lighting. I need to be able to indicate a fixture being installed a specific distance from the wall. For example, 36" off of the wall but in this program, I cannot determine the distance accurately. The plan that’s in Layout currently, has been scanned in from a PDF file into a JPEG file from an e-mail.

To be clear, I need help communicating the installation location from a specific distance of the wall.

Thanks for your help!

I just wanted to quickly let you know that I’m a student in High School with an internship and I’m working on a project which is only two days a week, which is why I’m not responding as quickly. I just wanted to know that because I didn’t want you to think that I fixed it or I’m ignoring you.


Thank you for uploading the LayOut file. Do you have the DXF or DWG of the floor plan? The dxf file you uploaded appears to be just the legend. As was said before, it’ll be difficult if not impossible to get the image of the floor plan you’ve imported into LO to be exactly the right size.

It would be better to have the DXF of the floorplan but since I don’t have that right now, I pried the JPG image you used from the LayOut file and imported that to SketchUp where the size can be adjusted accurately. I then created a scene, saved the SKP file and sent it to LayOut. In LayOut the scale of the viewport was set. Now you should be able to measure with some degree of accuracy. Use Scaled Drawing when drawing in the added details so you can draw them at the correct size. You’ll have to reproduce the legend, unfortunately.
Floorplan_CL.layout (1.6 MB)

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Thank you so much! I appreciate everything you’ve done in order to help me figure this out! I should’ve took this problem over to here back in November when I first started my project!