Dimensions from sketchup to layout

This might be a silly question. I recently purchased SketchPro. I’ve been using SU for years but just recently started with SU Pro and Layout. My questions is why not load a drawing with dimensions from SU into Layout, the dimension tool in Layout doesn’t seem to be as accurate?

it should be the same, you may have to adjust the scale accuracy? dimension style/precision
The dimensioning tools in layout have many more options and tend to look better. The only thing they cant do is perspective dimensions but there are workarounds.

You could dimension your model in SketchUp if you want. The Dimension tool in LayOut has much better control over appearance and dimensions put in in LayOut are every bit as accurate as those in SketchUp. If you are seeing something different, upload a LayOut file that exhibits this.

Thanks for your input. Another problem I have is when applying dimensions in layout the tool seems to jump around and has difficulty snapping to a point, also, is there way to lock in a direction, i.e. red, green, blue?

Maybe you just need to turn off Grid Snapping.

Thanks. I figured it out. Could you give me advice on how to get the dimension tool to be more accurate. The dimension in sketchup “snaps” to points and gives an accurate reading but the layout dimension tool seems a little more vague.

How about sharing a LayOut file that shows these “vague” dimensions?