Angle dimensions in SketchUp

Is it possible to indicate angles with the dimensions tool in SU pro 2019?

No but there is the Angular Dimension 2 extension or you can add angular dimensions in LayOut.

Thanks Dave, I am having difficulties with dimensioning in Layout the scales are hugely inconsistent. First response is to find the extension you suggest.

Very likely something that can be fixed by improving your process. Can you share the LayOut file?

Didn’t get far with the download?

Your right it is my process, a blundering haphazard technique. I haven’t explored layout for a while in the past I found it relatively straight forward. I am a fine art student working toward my degree show and stressed to the hilt; not easy this art thing you know… At 60 I’m a mature student who’s memory for process particularly when jumping between numerous unfamiliar creative software systems is somewhat impaired. What I learn today is forgotten next week. I’ll not give up. Onward… Thanks again.

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You appear to be trying to Open the RBZ, but you need to just Save it - into the Downloads folder ?
There should be some choice when you click on the Download link ?
Once it’s in Downloads, you use the Extension Manager within SketchUp to Install that RBZ…

I’ll try that cheers.