How do I dimension an angle, can't find it?

I’m sure it’s simple but I cannot find a way to dimension an angle in SU MAKE. Some help please!

There is no angular dimension function in SketchUp Make. There is one in LayOut, the “paperspace” companion application to SketchUp Pro.


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Thanks, now I know why I couldn’t find it. I’ll work in Layout.

There are SketchUp Plugins:
Or newer/better…

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I think it deserves to be said explicitly, even if for the umpteenth time:

The absense from SU of an angular dimensioning tool is incomprehensible. That the SU team saw fit to remedy this omission by relegating angular dimensions to 2D media only is likewise incomprehensible, particularly since rotating objects, thereby establishing angular relationships between them, is one of SU’s basic 3D functions. There’s no question that angularity is a 3D attribute. To my knowledge, there has to date been no rationale offered by the SU team.



I agree whole-heartedly !
But until then it’s either Plugins OR Layoutr

Well, I think it also bears mentioning that the angular dimension plugins produce non-standard angular dimensions, so even as workarounds, they fall somewhat short.

(Standard angular dimensions use angular dimension lines, which are arcs with arrowheads at either end. The plugins draw a simple arc with a leader directing text to the arc.)


They are as good as it gets…

Thanks, I’ve got to go another route since Layout isn’t available to me. I’ll try a plug-in (which will be new to me), otherwise I’ll just draw an angular dimension on the drawing.


I just submitted a post asking for this ability under Feature Requests.

Can someone tell me why I shouldn’t use Autodesk 123D?.. because they have a great angle dimension feature.

[quote=“porteredward, post:11, topic:8088, full:true”]
Can someone tell me why I shouldn’t use Autodesk 123D?.. because they have a great angle dimension feature.
[/quote] No one is stopping you using alternative Tools.
If you produce lots of drawings requiring associative angular dimensions. then perhaps you do need a Program other than SketchUp…
BUT for ease of use when 3d modeling you’ll be hard pressed to find something as intuitive and as easy to use than SketchUp…

There are Plugins available to give SketchUp itself angular-dims.
SketchUp’s Layout has a set of additional dimensioning tools, including angular, for Pro users…

Horses for courses…

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The link for Mac Angular Dimension given above in TIG’s first post goes nowhere, but the previous link is now good for both Windows and Mac

What “previous link” ???
This is many months on…
But I beg to discombobulate,
All of the links I gave go to possible downloads… except the ‘MAC’ version which is inexplicably missing.
Please try again…
If something IS working please confirm.
If something is NOT working please explain…

If there are still issue then may I suggest you PM the author @slbaumgartner directly…

@TIG, I was recently browsing this thread, and noticed that one of the links given didn’t work - I tried it, for use on my Mac, as I used to use Angular Dimension when I was running SU on Windows.

The Mac link (the third link in your first post in this topic, dated Mar 2015) still goes to an empty result set, but the second link now goes to a newer version of the plugin, which now works on both Windows and Mac, as far as I can see. I have this version, and it’s working on a Mac.

When I click on the Mac link, I get just an empty page on the Sketchucation plugins site. Like this:

Perhaps you could just edit your (much) earlier post to remove the dead link and comment that the other one works for both OSs?

I’m the author of that plugin. When I first released it, there were strange technical issues that forced me to have separate versions for Windows and Mac. I later resolved them, so there is no longer a need for two versions. Alas, I don’t know how to do anything about stale links to the old Mac version.

I’d edit my post to remove the stale link… but I can’t because it’s too old to be editable…

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Fixed it. For benefit of others: In the SU Window menu, click preferences, extensions, click Install Extensions…, select the *.rbz file.

The angular dimension tool will not show up in my SU Make 2016. I have it working in SU 2015.
First I tried the older version of the files I had in SU 2015. Did not work.
Then I downloaded Angular Dimension v4.0 from SketchUcation, extracted the files (SB_draw_angle_dim.rb and SB_draw_angle_dim folder), and copied them to the ifcplugin folder, just like I did for 2015, but the tool is still not visible under the Tools menu. If there is another step needed for installation I have forgotten it.

No. ifcplugin folder is the wrong location to be adding plugins. You need to put it in AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2016/Plugins. If you would download the RBZ file from SketchUcation’s Plugin Store, you could just use Install Extension from Window>Preferences>Extensions to load it automatically to the right location. Or better, yet, install the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool.

You have it in the wrong place.

Either use the Sketchucation Plugin to manage installation, or use the standard method (since SU v8 M2 release) to install the downloaded .rbz file. That is, open Window/Preferences/Extensions, (Sketchup/Preferences/Extensions on Mac) then click on [Install Extension] button, and choose the RBZ file to install.

It should then appear on the Tools menu.

PS. I see DaveR beat me to it. He types faster than I can when using my phone!