Missing angular dimension tool


I cant find the angular dimension tool. I have followed the help directions as to its location and it’s not there…Help!


You may be looking for a layout tool that isn’t available in Sketchup.
Could you point out the directions you are following.


My extension is available on sketchucation



Yep. That’s instruction for LayOut.


That’s Layout


So basically what we are all saying is, unfortunately without a plugin you don’t get angular dimensions in Sketchup itself, only within layout.
One day the sketchup god will bestow one upon us, but until then…


I figured it out…I cant read…that tool is only on LayOut…sorry to bug…


And here’s the link to your plugin :wink:



Sorry, I don’t know how to load this into sketch up…


There are a couple of ways. Download the RBZ file to your computer and then, iin sketchUp’s Preferences, go to extensions and click Install Extension… Navigate to the saved file, click Open and OK and so on.

A better option since you’ll likely install other extensions is to install the Sketchucation Pluginstore and use it to auto-install Steve’s extension. You can get the Plugin Store tool from the top of the Sketchucation Page under Resources and install it as I directed, above. there are instructions for installing it on the page, too.


I also would like an angular dim tool in 3D model.
I found SL Baumgartners plugin on sketchucation… but the link is a ‘circular loop’ that just keeps taking me back to the same sketchucation page.
Where it says login to get it… i log in and I just get the same page again with no download option…

Or am I missing something?.


It sounds like you’re missing something.

Are you logging in to the Sketchucation Plugin Store page?