Sketchup Shop Tools

I’m guessing that Sketchup Shop does not have an angular dimension tool, or an array tool. I figured out that layers are now called tags, but don’t act the same as Cad. I’m just learning how to use shop, but I think I’m going to have to upgrade already to get the functions I need. I had some training in AutoCAD (as a machinist) before retiring, so I’m a little familiar with using the different functions available. I’ll be looking at a lot of tutorials I can see already. I do a lot of designing and building in the carpentry field now, and want to learn Sketchup, so I and my help can work from drawings.

Even Pro doesn’t have an angular dimension tool, but layout does.
Linear arrays are done with the move tool and ctrl and radial arrays with the rotate tool and ctrl.

Thanks. I guess I need to do some homework. From what I’ve read thus far, if I use the desk top version, I can add an extension to be able to do that. If I upgrade to Pro, is layout something else I have to purchase to be able to able my angular dimensions?

Yes, an angular dimension extension does exist for desktop. No extensions currently work in the web version.
Layout is the companion software for documentation that comes with Pro, no extra cost.

Thanks Box! Great news! Now I’m going to sign up for the Free 30 day trial, and check it out all day tomorrow. I’ve got a huge job to finish designing and drawing this week. Thanks again for your much appreciated input.

The Angular Dimension extension for SketchUp is available (free) from the SketchUcation Plugin Store.

Here’s a link to download it. You need to register a (free) account first at

Then use this link to find the extension.

You may need to copy and paste the link into your browser - it doesn’t seem to work properly as a hyperlink.

Thanks! I was looking for something from Sketchup Extensions late last night, but the one I found said it was incompatible, wouldn’t work, or something like that. I’ll definitely get the one you mentioned.

There was an older Angular Dimension (by Steve Baumgartner) on the SketchUcation site (and it’s still there) but it uses a Text label to show the dimension. He never put one on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

There is one called Angle Between Faces, but not a more general angular dimensioning tool on EW.