Angular Dimension Icon


I can’t find the angular dimension icon in the ‘Tools’ area, can anyone help?

How to show diameter and angle dimensions

There is no such ‘native tool’ to do ‘angular-dimensions’ in SketchUp ??
But there are plugins available - like this SLBaumgartner: Angular Dimension @SCF More Info…
This adds a Tool - is that what you want ?
There are separate PC & MAC versions available…
You can do it as part of the dimensioning in Layout [Pro only]…


Angular dimensions are a feature of LayOut, the “paper space” application that is a part of the SketchUp Pro package



Thanks for the response Anssi, but I only have the free download version of SU. I’m certain I’ve dimensioned angles in the past, but can only find the linear icon in ‘tools’.


There’s a plugin/extension that produces a rather un-drafterly angular dimension, and it’s not associative, but the consensus seems to be that it beats nuthin’.

Angular dimension


edit: Ah, sorry, TIG, I didn’t see that you already gave him that.


Can someone explain why there is not such a tool?
I just started using SU pro and this is one of the features I really need.


It’s not as though this incomprehensible omission hasn’t been brought to the SU Team’s attention–lots of times. Their altogether non-responsive and unsatisfactory reply is that LayOut has an angular dimensioning tool.



What’s wrong with the mentioned plugin?


A proper angular dimension uses an arc-shaped dimension line–with arrowheads on either end. As with typical dimensions, the value is placed in a break in the dimension line or an extension of it on the other side of the extension line. Also, of course, line weight should be uniformly thin.

Here’s an example from ASME Y14.5 containing an angular dimension line:

The plugin gives us a drawn arc (which shows as an ugly dark profile line) with leader text pointing at it. Completely non-standard. Also, it has the disadvantage of not being associative.